The SPORT article Matias Messi is talking about

The SPORT article Matias Messi is talking about

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The Argentine forward left by the back door at Camp Nou

Matias Messi's statements about his brother and a possible return to Barcelona have gone viral on Wednesday 8 February and, in one of them, the former Barça player's brother claimed to have a clipping of a SPORT article entitled "Messi has to return to Barça no matter what".

This is an article by director Lluis Mascaro from December 20th, in which he discusses a possible return of the Argentine striker to FC Barcelona. 

This is the article which Mascaro wrote:

"The best footballer in history was Barça's. And he had to leave the club of his life through the back door. Crying. Today, that sad image hurts even more. And it highlights that the decision was a tremendous strategic mistake. I am not going to go into the real reasons for his departure, but not having the privilege, honour and pleasure of enjoying a world champion Messi here is terrible. 

It is clear that, in sporting terms, Messi has shown that he is still in a position to shine at the highest level and to lead a champion team. It is clear, then, that there was no footballing excuse for not renewing his contract. Another thing is the economic conditions of the contract and its impact on Barça's serious financial crisis and the damned 'fair play'... but Messi has already said, actively and passively, that he was willing to reduce his salary as much as he was asked to do. 

Unfortunately, Messi's departure is irreversible. Everything that was done wrong can no longer be remedied. And it is clear that Messi will not return to Barça as a player. But he must return to the Camp Nou in whatever way he can. It is necessary to look for the formula to pay him an eternal homage. Laporta has assumed that it is necessary to build all possible bridges to reconduct the relationship with Messi, so that the star accepts this reunion with the socios and fans. The president is working, slowly but surely, to make this desire a reality. 

If Argentina deservedly won the World Cup, it was mainly due to the talent of their captain (and, of course, the miraculous saves of Dibu Martinez). Barcelona fans all over the world feel Messi's success in Qatar as their own too. More than twenty years of unconditional and reciprocal love are not forgotten overnight. Although, circumstantially, he may be playing for PSG, Messi is a cule. And his veins continue to flow with blaugrana blood. 

No matter how mistreated or even despised he felt in the final stretch of his career at Camp Nou, Messi will always carry the Barça badge in his heart. That is why the majority of Barça fans are still sentimentally attached to the Argentinian star and celebrate his successes as what they are: the triumphs of the best footballer to ever wear the blaugrana shirt. And they are waiting for him with open arms."

El artículo al que hace referencia Matías Messi


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