The Sevilla players Barcelona might exchange for Ivan Rakitic

The Andalusians want the Croatian midfielder back at the club

Así juega Diego Carlos | Perform

Sevilla want to bring Ivan Rakitic back to the club, but Barcelona don’t believe the Andalusians will be able to afford it. They want 20 million euros from Sevilla and think perhaps the only way they will manage is is a part player exchange.

Lluís Miguelsanz

Barcelona would prefer 20m euros straight up and have offers from foreign clubs but Rakitic wants to stay in Spain.

The Catalans like Jules Kounde and Diego Carlos, the two centre-backs who came from France. It remains to be seen if Sevilla would accept this type of deal.

They would also need Rakitic to take a big pay cu to get the Croatian back - although he’s winking at them on social media.

Koundé, central del Sevilla | SPORT


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