The secrets of Claudio Bravo's brilliant start at Barça revealed

Claudio Bravo and his wife could not be more happy in Barcelona. The Chilean goalkeeper's personal stability and form have allowed the married man to make the most of his family life too. 

In a report from a Chilean magazine (Revista Ya, El Mercurio), his wife Carla analyses the figure of the goalkeeper and reveals the keys to his exceptional form. 

Bravo has lost five kilos since arriving at Barcelona, because of the diet imposed by Luis Enrique. This serves as confirmation that the Asturian is meticulous with every details surrounding the squad. 

Bravo is calm in his life away from the pitch and maintains the same serenity between the sticks. 

"My goal is to stay focused and centred in my environment. The simple things in life are those that give me happiness. For me, ambition comes in the many words that help me grow.

"There is a phrase that I remember. Try to be so great that everyone wants to reach your level and just as humble, so everyone wants to be be with you. That I will never forget." 

His wife adds more details about Bravo in the story to help readers learn about his personality. 

"To me, he's still the same person as always, even though he's at an exceptional club like Barcelona and is putting in great performances. It's something that enhances and enriches me, me and the whole family," she explained. 

"Claudio has never lost his centre, he is a quiet and reserved man who has things very clearly, for this he does well and also for the extreme effort he puts into his work. He does not let his guards down." 

Indeed, Bravo also commented on these aspects of his personality. "I'm not like many other footballers. I take a lot of caution, it's my duty. I just focus on my work and my family, without disturbing anyone. One thing is to know our life and history, the other is to show off the material goods we have - there is no need," explained Bravo. 

Finally, his wife Carla reveals that Bravo's idol is still playing. 

"He wants to be like his idol at Juventus, Gianluigi Buffon. He is 40 and still bossing the goal," she added. 


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