The rule is clear: Pedri's goal against Inter should stand

The rule is clear: Pedri's goal against Inter should stand

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Barcelona were robbed of a goal during the 1-0 Champions League defeat

It was one of the controversies which ended up sealing the final score at Inter 1-0 Barcelona. Pedri fired into the net, equalising on a tough night for Barca, but the goal was disallowed for a handball by Ansu Fati.

A totally involuntary one, with Onana, the Inter keeper, saving a ball which brushed Ansu’s hand on the way towards Pedri.

However, the referee went to the VAR monitor to look at the action. And ruled out the goal. What does the rule say?

“If the ball, after accidentally touching the hand or arm of a player, is shot by another team-mate who scores, it will be valid.”

So according to the rules, it should have been a goal. It would be different if Ansu himself had scored. There, the rule is clear. “If the player hits the ball accidentally with the hand or arm and immediately scores, it will be ruled out.”

Barcelona protested and Eder Sarabia took to Twitter to complain, saying that the explanations teams had been given at the start of the season said this goal should be valid.

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