The reasons Joan Laporta is running to be the Barça president again

Laporta announced that he would run in the upcoming elections on Monday

 El expresidente del FC Barcelona ha anunciado que entra en la cursa por la presidencia del club | sport

Joan Laporta announced on Monday what was already an open secret: that he will once again stand to become the Barcelona president. 

Laporta revealed his intentions in a press conference at the historic Hospital de Sant Pau. He was previously the Barça president between 2003 and 2010. 

Explaining his reasons for running, he said: "I want to bring back happiness to Barcelonismo. Appealing to the spirit of hard work, enthusiasm, drive and affection for the colours, it is with great honour that I announce my candidacy for the Barcelona presidency. 

"I do so because I love Barça, the supporters, La Masia, the club. I want to serve Barça again. We are ready. We have the experience and the necessary preparation to make the changes that are needed." 

Laporta added that he has a plan to help solve the club's financial problems and also said he hopes to convince Lionel Messi to stay, although he steered clear from announcing possible signings or big-name appointments. 



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