The mess surrounding Javier Mascherano's Barcelona future

The player wants to move to Hebei Fortune in January

Barça will only allow it if they get a good price

Mascherano puede irse
Mascherano puede irse | sport

The Javier Mascherano saga could have a twist. The player's insistence and the amounts Barcelona could receive from Chinese football could allow a January exit. Barça's coaching staff don't want Mascherano leave, but Hebei Fortune will more than double his salary. In the coming days things could be firmed up as the Catalan club plan their January activity. 

Mascherano told Barça in November of his intention to leave for China. He feels it's the right moment having previously rejected offers from Juventus to remain at Camp Nou. The news surprised the coaching staff and his teammates and Barça made it clear they didn't want him to leave. 

But the Argentine has insisted and asked Barça to listen to the offer from China. Officially, the offer's not arrived but people involved say the deal would not be more than six million euros because of new rules in China. The player's contract, though, would be high. 

Barça don't think that's an acceptable offer but their posture has changed in recent days. If a few weeks ago the idea was to close all doors, now the Blaugrana are ready to listen. 

In theory, the offer should arrive before Christmas. The Chinese market doesn't close until the end of February but the Catalan club have made it clear they will not do business after Feb. 1. In the case that he leaves, they want it to be as late as possible in January so they have Mascherano while the Copa del Rey is in full flow, with Samuel Umtiti out injured. 

Mascherano is more than optimistic. He believes the door won't be closed on his opportunity to sign one last big contract. And he feels he's no longer as important to Barça as he was and his cycle's at an end. But at the club he's still seen as important in defence and the dressing room and they will only let him go if the compensation they receive is in their interests. 



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