The first real photo of FC Barcelona's new 'senyera' shirt

Joan Vehils has posted a photo of the new 'senyera' shirt on his official Twitter account, which was first confirmed by SPORT back on the 16th March

 El Barça lucirá una cuarta zamarra la temporada que viene con un diseño exclusivo para ocasiones especiales, entre las que será seguro el Clásico de Madrid. La camiseta recuperará los colores de la bandera catalana que ya se usaron en 2014  | sport

SPORT exclusively revealed back on the 16th March that FC Barcelona's fourth shirt for next season would be the senyera. Now, Joan Vehils has revealed on his Twitter account the first image of that new shirt which will be worn by the team in the 2019/20 campaign.

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Despite being a varient of the shirt worn in 2014, it's a revolutionary design which will feature an image of the the legendary Guifré el Pilós - Wilfred 'the Hairy' in English - who is considered to be the founder of Catalunya. The shirt is set to represent his four bloody fingers across the chest, the colours which represent the Catalan flag.

Joan Vehils colgó la fotografía en su cuenta de Twitter

The shirt, designed by Nike, is set to be used in next season's 'El Clasico' which will take place in Madrid.

The 'Croatian' shirt already has a release date

The home shirt for next season, a design similar to the Croatian national team one, will be released on the 4th June.


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