The first official sign of Barcelona's interest in re-signing Bellerin

Toni Frieros

Barcelona are looking for a right-back for next season and their top target is Arsenal defender Hector Bellerin

The Catalan club’s vice president Jordi Mestre has admitted in an interview with SPORT, which will appear in full on Tuesday, that Bellerin is someone who fits the profile of players they’re looking for. 

“We’ve already seen him as a Cule! He’s a great player, there’s no doubt about that,” Mestre said about the possibility of re-signing the 21-year-old, who left the club at 16. 

“[Arsenal manager Arsene] Wenger convinced him to move [in 2011] and promised him something which we couldn’t. 

“We could not promise him that within two years he would be playing in Dani Alves’ place.” 

Mestre feels the policy of re-signing players who have previously developed at the club is to the liking of both the supporters and the board. 

“In many cases it’s good that they leave to develop as players and then return [with that experience],” he added.

“Look at the cases of Cesc [Fabregas], [Gerard] Pique, [Jordi] Alba and Denis Suarez… I hope the same thing will happen with [Sergi] Samper, too. 

“It’s positive that [these players] get minutes at other clubs. It is dynamic which has always provided good results for players that carry the Barca DNA in their blood.”


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