The 'feeling' between Messi and Griezmann continues to improve

The pair are showing with each match and training session a more united relationship as Griezmann adapts to life at Barça

Otra conexión Messi - Griezmann: así marcó el francés un més después de la última vez | MEDIAPRO

One of the most noticeable photos from FC Barcelona's morning session was of Lionel Messi and Antoine Griezmann. At first, there was talk of a potential rift between the pair due to previous broken promises. However it appears those fears are no longer in place as the duo were spotted laughing and joking together.

Sergi Capdevila


Messi and Griezmann were spotted hugging and joking as the team prepares for the upcoming trip to San Sebastian. Against Mallorca, the attacking trio of Griezmann, Messi and Suarez began to resemble the strikeforce Europe originally feared. The connection and understanding is developing with each session and match.

Griezmann y Messi, en el entrenamiento de esta mañana | FC Barcelona

The three forwards, aptly named the 'mate trio' due to their love of the famous South American drink, have also shared plenty of photos together on social media. There's a deeper, genuine connection away from football too with them all having dinner with their respective partners. And now, finally, Barça are beginning to see that growing relationship out on the pitch too.


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