The divorce between Liverpool's Philippe Coutinho and Jurgen Klopp

Coutinho's relationship with his coach is at an all time low

The Brazilian hopes to leave Anfield in the January window

Esto es lo que dijo Klopp sobre Coutinho cuando consiguió retenerlo en verano | SPORT1

There's no 'feeling' between Philippe Coutinho and Jurgen Klopp. In September they signed a truce but in reality it was nothing more than a marriage of convenience.

Less than two months later, Liverpool's disappointing season -- eliminated from the League Club and 12 points behind Premier League leaders Manchester City -- the relationship has already deteriorated. 

The summer saga had a false ending. Coutinho and his people have still not digested the role played by Klopp, the flag-bearer of Liverpool's owner's resistance to sell to Barça. 

When Coutinho handed in a transfer request, he said personally to his coach that he wanted to leave because his time at Anfield had come to an end and he was no longer motivated to continue at the club. He asked Klopp to help him leave. 

But the German did the opposite. He even suggested that if Coutinho was sold he could even leave the club himself before the Champions League qualifier against Hoffenheim.

Coutinho rebelled and Liverpool invented injury problems. That's where the confusion came from when he was declared fit to play for Brazil when on international duty in August. 

When the transfer window closed without a move to Barça, the Brazilian was affected. He planned not to play in the Champions League. In the end, with the support of his family and his agents, he decided to return to Liverpool. 

With Klopp, there were no clear-the-air talks. The German through him back into the team but the dishes were already broken. The relationship between the two because strictly professional. 

klopp MADE HIM 'PAY'

Coutinho didn't like how his coach oversaw his return to the team, making him pay by sitting on the bench. He accepted the decision, but felt it was unnecessary and that the coach was just trying to show who was in charge.  

Liverpool have not found their form in a season which has seen Pep Guardiola's and Jose Mourinho's Manchester United, despite a recent setback, lead the way. 

As City have raced away, exposing the weaknesses of their title rivals, including Liverpool, the same old arguments have surfaced at Anfield, especially after Klopp's side were beaten 4-1 by Tottenham at the weekend. 

The atmosphere in the dressing room is rare and Coutinho feels cheated. The good work by his agents and his two brothers has kept a door open for him to leave Liverpool soon, be that in January or next summer. It will depend when Barcelona have the muscle to take on one of the biggest deals in their history. 

As of today. the only motivation Coutinho has is to keep in form for when he leaves Anfield and to be in top shape for the World Cup. His teammates have his back, because he keeps making the difference. 

The relationship with Klopp is beyond fixing-point. They coexist, but there is distance between the two. The divorce is a question of time. If it was up to Coutinho, he would be out the door in January. 


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