The details of the Dembele change which angered Barça's players

Entre Valverde and Dembele took 10 minutes to replace Lionel Messi

El exquisito control de Dembélé que no puede pasar desapercibido | LALIGA

Albert Masnou

Ivan Rakitic's comments at the end of the Sevilla game are a symptom of the problem Barcelona had in their last game, when they got the win which took them to the top of the league. 

"In terms of the future, we have to prepare the changes quicker," the midfielder said. "We have to be prepared before and make the change as soon as possible. Today we played for too long with one player less." 

Rakitic was referring to Ousmane Dembele coming on for Lionel Messi, who was injured. Was it a dig at the manager for taking too long to react? Or at Dembele, for not being prepared? 

Looking back at the moment which annoyed Rakitic, various details stand out. 

Messi was injured at 15.50 of the first half against Sevilla. The Argentine fell to the ground after an unfortunate clash with a rival and broke a bone in his right arm. Camp Nou was in a state of shock, silence filled the ground. 

Ernesto Valverde himself, on the sidelines, did not take his eye of Messi as the doctors attended to him. The coach didn't give orders to anyone. He stayed on the sideline waiting for a sign from the medics. Messi is treated on the pitch and then on the sidelines. During this team, Messi twice gives signs of becoming faint. 

With 18.05 on the clock, over two minutes after Messi went down, Dembele, along with Rafinha, begins to warm up. He leaves the bench with a relative lack of urgency as play continues. Barça have possession and even go on an attack, which breaks down due to a lack of numbers. 

Dembele is called back from his warm up to get ready to come on. His boots are undone and he bends down to tie them up. Valverde gives him his final instructions. With 25.47 on the clock, 10 minutes after Messi's injury, the French international comes on. Barça are 11 vs. 11 again. 

Ten minutes in which Valverde remained as frozen as Camp Nou and in which Dembele showed he's not ready for a quick change. 


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