The details of Luis Suarez's injury

The player will be out for a few weeks after suffering the problem at Levante

Luis Suarez had to be taken off during Barcelona’s 3-1 defeat by Levante at the Ciutat de València. The first impression was subsequently confirmed: Suárez suffered a new calf injury to his right leg. It is the same injury he suffered in the opening league match at the San Mames.

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Dr. Jordi Vega, a traumatologist specializing in sports pathology in the Foot and Ankle Unit of iMove Traumatology at Tres Torres Clinic, explains that “the risk of recurrence of a muscle injury, especially of the soleus, is high in the first weeks after returning to sport.:

In general, when talking about muscle injury, you refer to the breakdown to a greater or lesser extent of the fibers that make up the muscle. Despite correct treatment, and a clinical cure of the muscle injury, the muscle can break again. There are many causes that can cause greater susceptibility to recurrence in muscle injuries. Logically, a premature return to sports action, without complete healing of the injury, may again cause a muscular re-rupture.

Muscle fragility due to various causes such as improper diet, muscle exhaustion due to excessive activity or lack of recovery after sports activity, can also be causes that explain the high number of recurrences in muscle injuries in the world of sports. However, there are many other causes too.

Surgical treatment is utilised only in large ruptures that completely disconnect the muscle. On the vast majority of occasions, the treatment is conservative or non-surgical. Rest is essential for the correct healing of the injury. In recent years, biological treatments such as ultrasound-guided infiltrations of growth factors or stem cells have been tested. In all cases, the exhaustive control of the evolution of the rupture through the performance of muscle ultrasound is important, and will indicate the appropriate time for the return to sport to happen.


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