The day Joan Laporta lost his temper big time

The president was fuming after Barca threw it away against Granada

Albert Masnou

It was April 29. Barca vs Granada. Joan Laporta was furious. The delegation of the Andalusian team, one Spaniard and two Chinese - the club has a Chinese owner - celebrated the goals from the presidential box and Laporta was left fuming.

Sources say that he patiently waited for their departure. And when he said goodbye to them and was alone in the box, with his people, he unleashed all his anger against the players. Those present were stunned by the attack of rage that made the seats in the box rattle.

History, unfortunately for Barça, was repeated against Atlético and Levante, two more games played at the Camp Nou. And the team caused more than just one man to lose patience.

That day, April 29, Ronald Koeman's team missed the opportunity to become leaders with 74 points, one more than Atlético Madrid. Barça would have returned to the top of the table for the first time since June 21, 2020.

Barça, despite going ahead on the scoreboard through Messi, was beaten in the second half by Diego Martínez's team. Machis and Molina got the goals and Ronald Koeman was sent off.

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