Ter Stegen will equal one Barca legend and surpass another

Ter Stegen will equal one Barca legend and surpass another

As well as being Xavi's 100th game in charge of Barca, Wednesday's Porto visit will be a special match for goalkeeper Marc-André Ter Stegen: the German keeper will equal Antoni Ramallets in official matches (387) and will be behind only two other historic goalkeepers: Víctor Valdés (535) and Andoni Zubizarreta (410).

Ter Stegen will catch up with Ramallets, nicknamed the 'cat with wings', in his tenth season with FC Barcelona. The Catalan legend needed 13 (from 1948-49 to 1960-61) to accumulate 387 official appearances. However, fewer games were played in the old days, so it is only fair to give credit to Ramallets, who took over the job after several years of cohabitation with another legend: Juan Zambudio Velasco, who was injured after a serious eye injury in a Celta-Barça match.

The numbers for Ter Stegen and Ramallets are even, although they favour the German goalkeeper. Ter Stegen has a winning percentage of 66% (255), 18% of draws (71) and 16% of defeats (60). Ramallets had 62% of wins (241), 17% of draws (64) and 21% of defeats (82). The season in which Ramallets played the most games was 1959-60 (46). Ter Stegen had 50 in the 2022-23 season.

In terms of goals, Ter Stegen has conceded 376, an average of 0.97 per game, and has kept 162 clean sheets. Ramallets, meanwhile, conceded 491 goals, at an average of 1.2 per game, and managed to keep a clean sheet in 122 matches.

Ter Stegen, who was already in the top 20 of FC Barcelona's most capped players, will move into the top 18 after Wednesday's Porto-Barça match, overtaking Pep Guardiola (386 appearances) and equalling Ramallets (387). The player above him will be Juan Manuel Asensi, current president of the Agrupació de Jugadors del FC Barcelona, who accumulated ten more games (397).

Players with most games for Barca:

1 Messi: 778

2 Xavi: 767

3 Busquets: 722

4 Iniesta: 674

5 Piqué: 616

6 Puyol: 593

7 Migueli: 549

8 Valdés: 535

9 Jordi Alba: 459

10 Rexach: 450

11 Amor: 422

12 Zubizarreta: 410

13 Dani Alves: 408

14 Segarra: 405

15 Alexanco: 403

16 Rifé II: 402

17 Asensi: 397

18 Ramallets: 387

19 & 20 Guardiola and Ter Stegen: 386

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