Ter Stegen: Barca's fans have different taste and I like it

The German goalkeeper spoke about life at Camp Nou

Ter Stegen: Hay muy buena comunicación con los preparadores físicos | EFE

Marc-Andre ter Stegen has stood out from the first day he arrived at Barcelona for his absolute integration into the city, with the club and fans. In an interview with El Pais he spoke about that.

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"The Camp Nou is unique," he said. "The mentality is completely different to in Germany. There the people sing much more and concentrate on the team. Barca fans value individual details a lot more. It's as if they have a different taste and I like it. I like, for example, when De Jong does something and the fans enjoy it and celebrate it. It's different but very interesting. They live more through sensations, which is not singing the whole game, but that they go living through what happens and trying to offer support in the moments we need it most."

More surprising were his comments about football. "The people laugh when I tell them I have no idea about football, I don't watch a lot, apart from the good games or when I'm interested in one match in particular because I have a friend in it. Sometimes they ask me about a player and I don't have any idea. In La Liga, for example, I don't know names. But later, when they give me the video, I realise I know perfectly well who it is. I remember better how they move on the pitch. how they shoot or how they get loose from other players than their names."



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