Suarez: When I arrived they told me 'careful with Leo'

The Uruguayan spoke of his good relationship with the Argentine superstar at Barca

Suárez y Messi se separarán después de seis años
Suárez y Messi se separarán después de seis años |

Luis Suarez waved goodbye to Barcelona after six season with the club. He spoke to reporters at a goodbye media conference, and Leo Messi was a topic.

"Everyone knows the relationship I have with Leo," said Suarez. "When one arrives at Barcelona they say careful with Leo, being a forward, and in the end after many years Leo has got on really well with a forward. We are conscious of trying to be always at the level we need to be at Barca and Ican leave proud of what we have done.

"Leo and I know what the other is thinking. We are great friends and that we will face each other in games will not change our relationship.

"This has been a crazy month. They have invented lies and that makes you indignant but you have to stay away from that," added Suarez, regarding Leo's attempted exit from Barca.


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