Suarez waited for Espanyol's players in tunnel

He did a bad job, but you must remember that referee Juan Martinez Munuera had a lot of work to do during FC Barcelona’s Copa del Rey win over Espanyol on Wednesday. 

The focus on his report is on two things in particular: the motives for Diop’s dismissal and the incidents which occurred in the tunnel after the game. 

Here is why the red card was shown to the Espanyol midfielder: “In the 75th minute the No.12 [Diop], Papa Kouly, was expelled for directing the following words at an opponent - ‘I shit in your whore mother’." 

It was therefore made clear that Diop was sent off with a straight red card, not for two yellows - he has previously been booked. 

As for the incidents in the tunnel, the referee explained that Luis Suarez was responsible for starting a scuffle.

“At the end of the game, once in the tunnel, Barça’s No.9, Suarez, Luis, while the Espanyol players were coming up the stairs, waited for them and shouted at them on various occasions. 

“He said: ‘I’m waiting for you, come here! You’re a waste of space.’ 

“It provoked a confrontation between players of both clubs and the present security guards had to get involved, as did coaches of both teams.”


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