No space yet for Andreas Christensen and Franck Kessie

No space yet for Andreas Christensen and Franck Kessie

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The two new Barcelona players cannot be registered by the club at present

Barcelona have signed two players for next season and, the normal thing to do would be to present them as soon as possible to get the fans excited again. But neither Andreas Christensen nor Franck Kessie have been announced or presented, and Sergi Roberto’s renewal was put on hold because the president’s agenda was hard to manage apparently.

Or maybe it’s the economic situation Barcelona are in. For now, they can’t register any of the three operations with La Liga. Evidently, they may be able to reach a deal for Robert Lewandowski too but it will be quite different when it comes to paying Bayern and then registering the striker.

The Catalans have to get their skates on when it comes to capitalising on potential income in a sustainable way - easier now the tourists are returning. For now, the only talk has been of the economic levers which if they are pulled, could create bigger problems later than the ones the club have now.

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