Something is broken in the Barca dressing room

Pique's renewal was a surprise after he signed the burofax with most of the other players

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Jordi Gil

The Barcelona dressing room is living in uncertainty because of the board's move to adjust contracts as a result of the economic crisis stemming from the coronavirus. The lack of relationship with Josep Maria Bartomeu and his board is stopping a joint move by club and players together, like happened at Real Madrid. Barcelona are negotiating in an individual way.

There are various points of view within the dressing room. Most players think they cannot work together on the issue and must sit down with Barcelona individually. The lack of confidence in the current board means they also don't trust the idea of the group put together by the club to discuss the issue.

The players sent the board a message saying they would not negotiate with them - apart from three, who did not sign it. Ter Stegen, Lenglet and De Jong. The new signings Pjanic and Dest were also not included as they negotiated their contracts during the pandemic.

Those three players renewed their contracts just now. And curiously, so did Gerard Pique. He signed the burofax but also renewed his deal and agreed to coronavirus modifications. 

The club knew that the news of the four renewals could cause some discord and decided to announce it after the game against Ferencvaros so the team could focus on the game.

Each player is fighting for themselves with the board.

Beyond personal considerations, there are also doubts among the players' advisers about the legal framework of the new contracts. The payment in subsequent years of the amounts that are now subtracted begs various unknowns.

"What if the new board does not consider these renewals valid?" is one of the questions. Nobody can forgetsthat in just ten days a vote of no confidence will probably happen and the arrival of a new directive is near. The incoming board must analyze the details of these contracts and assess whether the added burden for the following seasons is valid or not.

"If we renew now, but the coach of the next project does not count on us, what happens?" is another question.

In a dressing room with 24 professional players, along with those of the reserve team, the points of view are very different. The lack of 'feeling' with Bartomeu and the way of acting Barcelona executives have taken has increased the difficulty. Each footballer has responded individually to the club's proposal and the renewals will trickle in.

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