The two signings Ronald Araujo wants for Barcelona

The two signings Ronald Araujo wants for Barcelona

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The defender has ideas about who he would bring in next summer

Ronald Araujo spoke to Jijantes and assessed Lionel Messi's possible return to Barça. Asked who he would sign if he could decide at Barça, he was clear: "If I were Mateu Alemany, I would sign Bentancur and Messi."

The Uruguayan is convinced that the return of the Argentine would be great news for Barca. He explained: "Obviously he is a player that everyone wants in the team, it would be something tremendous, something special, I don't know how things will work out, but of course we would love it."

At the moment Messi is still not renewing his PSG deal and Laporta continues to open the doors to the club, despite the words of Matias Messi, who hit out against Laporta's management. "We are not going to return to Barcelona and if we do, we are going to clean it up, including kicking Joan Laporta out," he declared on the Twitch channel of his son, Tomas. 

Later, he wanted to clarify his words. "I want to vindicate myself for what I said on social media. I was just with my son and friends making a joke. How can I think that about a club as big as Barcelona and its history, which has given my family and Leo so much?"

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