Signing Haaland is feasible for Barcelona

Signing Haaland is feasible for Barcelona

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A sports finance expert spoke about the chances of signing the Norwegian goal grabber

Enric Ripoll, a lawyer specialised in sports law, and a member of the European Arbitration Association says that there are chances for Barcelona to sign Erling Haaland without breaking any financial rules. He explained it in a webinar ‘Winning in the offices’ by the Sports Law Institute.

“It’s feasible,” said Ripoll. “One way is by putting more weight in the variables of the transfer than on the fixed cost. That helps because when the coronavirus crisis is over, the immediate problem of liquidity will end, and that, you assume, is when these variables have to be paid.”

Ripon also said Barcelona would have to find lines of finance. “It’s hard but not impossible. You can do it through renegotiating the debt and the players’s salaries,” he added.

“It’s hard, but why not? I see it as feasible.”

He also expects UEFA to change the FFP limits because of the Covid-19 crisis.

“The debts have increased and with the current rules, many clubs should be sanctioned, but these debts aren’t because of bad management but because of the crisis,” he said.


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