Sergio Aguero explains what he likes least about Barcelona

Sergio Aguero explains what he likes least about Barcelona

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The Argentine forward was not happy with the road set up in the Catalan capital

Kun Aguero is having a difficult adaptation process to life at Barcelona. First, for the unexpected departure of Leo Messi. And then for an injury which will keep him out until the end of October. Amid some complicated weeks, the former Man City striker has been on twitch with his friend Ibai Lanos, explaining various stories from his time in the Catalan capital.

He admitted he doesn’t know how the traffic works in the city yet in a joking anecdote. 

“I was on the main street, the GPS told me to turn right, but when I got there and I have to turn right, I have to turn right, right? Well, the voice tells me.

“A taxi driver told me off and I said, brother, if I have to turn right I have to go to the right side. He said no, your lane is here. I said but if I have to turn, when I turn, if you come, you’ll crash into me. I swear, either I’m bad or the streets here are bad. For me, they’re bad.”



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