Sergi Samper: "I did not want to even listen to Arsene Wenger"

Granada's situation in La Liga, is not good. They are six points from getting out of the relegation zone and, one game short of completing the first half of the season, they have only recorded on victory. Dspite the worrying dynamic, the season has been positive for Sergi Samper on a personal level. Above all, in recent weeks, the midfielder has become a fixture in the starting team. The Barcelona man, on loan, hopes that his ticket is a return one, and his dream is to triumph at Barcelona in the future. That's why he snubbed Arsenal.

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Samper is the first Barcelona player to arrive in the first team after passing for each and every youth football level, and he is spending his first season in the top flight with a clear objective: to shine and gain the maturity necessary to have a place in the Barcelona squad next season. It's likely Samper will reach 1,000 minutes played this week against Espanyol, a number that really started to grow after Lucas Alcaraz took over in October.

Speaking to Granada's website, he said: "I did not want to listen to [Arsene] Wenger. I told him clearly that I wanted to stay, I wanted to succeed at Barcelona, that I was a big cule, and what would make me happy was succeeding at Barcelona in the future."

Samper added: "I feel important in the team. I am enjoying where I am and I hope that we can change the situation."


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