Senior Barça players are desperate for Neymar to rejoin the club

Various Barça players have spoken with the Brazilian as they look to convince him a Camp Nou return would be the ideal solution

Neymar reaparece... ¡con nuevo look! | @RedbUllBR

The Barça dressing room is very much aware of the rumours linking Neymar with a return to the club. Several players are in constant communication with the Brazilian who has expressed a desire to come back. Neymar has told them about PSG's stubborn stance when it comes to discussions with Barça too.

Lluís Miguelsanz

Lluís Miguelsanz

Joaquim Piera


The one aspect which is concerning for the club is that Neymar won't make a public statement saying he only wants to play for Barça. Such is his desire to abandon Paris, it makes the option of him signing for Real Madrid very real.

PIQUÉ has been very clear

Only a few days ago Gerard Pique admitted the team would be delighted to welcome him back but that Neymar would need to do his part, going public, if it was to happen.

Real Madrid's arrival on the scene has caused Neymar to remain silent. 

The senior members of the squad have also spoken with Josep Maria Bartomeu and told him to do whatever it takes to bring Neymar back. The squad feels the addition of Neymar would make them even stronger favourites to conquer all the titles available this season.

For his part, the Brazilian wants Barça to make one last effort to convince PSG to deal with them. Neymar has friends in the Madrid dressing room and has never spoken badly about them. 


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