Samuel Umtiti has decided his future lies elsewhere

Samuel Umtiti has decided his future lies elsewhere

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The French defender is not planning on staying at Barca

Samuel Umtiti will not return to Barca. The player is starting to see his future will be outside the club. He's finding his footing again asa professional at Lecce and his intention is to look to end his contract with Barcelona and find stability at a new club.

He's getting minutes and is well physically. He thinks that he will be an important player after the World Cup and his performance will open doors in a market lacking left-footed centre-backs.

His aim is to find form definitively at a club in the coming years. He might stay in Italy although his objective is Ligue 1.

Umtiti is grateful to Lecce, who bet on him at a difficult moment in his career and he's become a reference point in the dressing room for his experience. 

He's got a Barca deal until 2026 but understands the summer is the right time to split.

Barcelona would also like to save some of his salary and it would suit them too.

Various teams are alert to what might happen if he does decide to go. Barca have assured him they will make it easy.

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