Rousaud responds to Barca and doubles down on corruption claim

The fomrer vice president claimed that someone had their hand in the till at Barcelona

El Barcelona emprende acciones legales contra Emili Rousaud | PERFORM

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Emili Rousaud, Barcelona's former institutional vice president published a statement on Tuesday in which he doubled down on his corruption claims against the club. These are the key parts of his statement.

"The existence of CORRUPTION at the club is evidenced in the fact that it has already been shown that contracts have been split between related companies (one lies in a tax haven that violates the law on the prevention of money laundering) in order to avoid internal controls, approvals by the Adjuciaciones Committee (which ensures the purchase at market prices) and the board of directors.

-The categorical statements I have made on this matter are absolutely true and demonstrable; The opinions that I have expressed are absolutely well founded, which allows me to state that the announced complaint (from Barca) has no basis.

-That at the time I informed the club of these irregularities but, unfortunately, they have been the cause of my resignation, even with everything, it cannot be forgotten that it is a moral but also a legal obligation to publicly report irregular actions that may constitute crime.

-That in the face of this situation, I reserve the right to carry out the actions in law proceed in defense of my legitimate interests and rights, especially when considering, for all the foregoing, that the announced complaint could be a crime of false accusation and a crime of insults since its real purpose could only be to tarnish my personal honor. This matter is in the hands of my lawyer, Mr. Diego Artacho, from the DWF-RCD law firm.

-That I have never questioned the honorability of our beloved Club or its employees, on the contrary, I am very honored to have been able to serve my beloved Barça and to have had the opportunity to personally meet people who work in the Club with a great professional and human quality.

-That my intention at all times has been to be consistent with my performance on the Board since the beginning of the mandate, action guided by transparency, honesty and respect for the partner and not to disappoint the trust that this Board has placed in the past elections.

-Finally, to announce that this Tuesday we have created the site: so that all those partners and followers who want this case to be clarified with all its consequences can express their support and warmth."



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