Rousaud: Bartomeu told me there were leaks that annoyed the players

The warring behind the scenes at Camp Nou continues

Se acentúa el distanciamiento entre la plantilla y la directiva del Barça | Perform

Emili Rousaud, a contender to be the current board's candidate in the next elections but affected by the cull Bartomeu's currently looking to carry out, has spoken to SER Catalunya about the reasons the president asked him to leave the board.  

"Bartomeu called me and told me he wanted to remodel the board, that there was a lack of trust with some directors, including me," Rousaud said. 

"He told me there had been leaks that annoyed the players and that I put into doubt the work of other directors. 

"I told him that I speak with the press but I don't leak anything, and I have never criticised the players. On the other directors, I said like at any company, there are people that are more worthy than others. 

"It does not seem very brave to me to do this all by telephone, either, and without advance warning." 

In addition to Rousaud, Bartomeu has also asked vice president Enrique Tombas and two other directors to leave the club.

"According to the statutes, the president can demote me, but he cannot expel me. It's true there was a consensus that I could lead the current board in the elections and I would love to be president, but I hadn't presented my candidacy." 

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Rousaud added: "The reasons Bartomeu gave me lacked logic. In the board meeting a few weeks ago he was never asked to resign, there was talk about bringing the election forward, the majority were in favour, but nothing happened."  

He also accused Bartomeu of being "too presidential" and said that he wants to have "directors of a less demanding profile." 

As for 'Barçagate', Rousaud admitted that there are irregularities: "I'm on the awarding committee and the bills from this company (I3 Ventures) were sliced in order to bypass the club's internal controls, that's the reality." 


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