"There are talks about taking the Champions League to New York"

The Mediapro CEO revealed the news in an interview with Catalunya Ràdio

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A Champions League final in New York? At the moment, it's only a possibility, but in the not too distant future, it could be a reality. 


The world of football is changing rapidly and proof of that is La Liga's decision to take a game to the United States -- Girona's home match against Barcelona in January. The globalisation of the sport is breaking borders and what we previously considered convential, traditional, is no longer the case.  

Jaume Roures, the CEO of Mediapro, revealed on the show "El Matí de Catalunya Ràdio" that talks have been held to take the Champions League final to New York in the U.S. 


"They're negotiating playing a Champions League final in New York," Roures said, adding that "the first one could be players there in 2021," because 2019 (Madrid) and 2020 (Istanbul) have already been decided. 

As for the league game between Girona and Barça, which could be played in Miami in January, 2019, Roures said that "it's positive, above all for Girona, who have just arrived in the top flight [in 2017]." 

The Mediapro founder added that "these type of ideas will help consolidate the competition. People can't think that business will just keep looking after itself. Everything looks after itself because of a lot of hard work for a long time." 

The debate about taking football to different corners of the world is more alive than ever. 



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