Ronaldo on Messi: "Let him play football for the rest of his life!"

The Brazilian legend says that people love watching Messi play and he hopes Leo continues to do that for a while yet

Ronaldo Nazario en rueda de prensa
Ronaldo Nazario en rueda de prensa | sport

Joan Trullols

In an interview with MARCA, Ronaldo wanted to first wish Lionel Messi a happy birthday. "I want to wish him a happy birthday and I hope he lives for another 100 years. Well, what can you say to Leo? Play football for the rest of your life! I believe Leo is a player that the world loves to watch."

A lot of people like to compare Messi's achievements and performances for Barça with those for Argentina. "I think it's unfair those types of comparisons. At Barcelona he's training with his teammates on a daily basis, he is allowed to be more relaxed and is able to develop his best football. But I don't think there's a difference. I'm convinced that Messi wants to win something with the national team and would do everything within his power to make it possible. At 32, he could turn down playing in a Copa America. Instead, he's put off going on holiday in order to stay with his country and help win that title Argentina so desperately want."


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