Ronaldinho will be Messi's neighbour when he's released

Ronaldinho will be Messi's neighbour when he's released

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According to ESPN, the ex-Brazil star will move to Castelldefels

Ronaldinho, who in the coming days will be released from house arrest in Paraguay, plans to return to live in Castelldefels, where he will be Lionel Messi's neighbour once again, according to ESPN. 

The former Barcelona forward and his brother, Roberto, were detained in Paraguay for trying to enter the country with false passports. After spending time in prison, the duo were allowed into house arrest and are expected to be released permanently soon. 

Per ESPN, he plans to travel to Porto Alegre when everything is finalised, to spend time with his family, before heading to Barcelona and taking up residence in Castelldefels. 

The Brazilian will count on some familiar faces as neighbours. He will be close to Lionel Messi, who he has a great relationship with, and to Luis Suarez, who also lives close to the Barça captain. 

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