Rocketing interest rates creating concerns over the remodelling of Camp Nou


Rocketing interest rates creating concerns over the remodelling of Camp Nou

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The Catalan club plan to leave Camp Nou for Montjuic next season but there are some worries

It is March 18 and the round of financing for the Espai Barça has not yet been closed, nor do Barcelona have the definitive permits from the Barcelona City Council for the major works.

That doesn't mean that they won't arrive on time (in May there are municipal elections and a month before, absolutely nothing can be activated). 

What is really worrying is that every day there are more and more voices within the club's entourage who consider that undertaking the remodelling of the Camp Nou now is madness because of the interest rates, which are sky-high... and rising.

They claim that it will be impossible to pay capital plus interest with just the new income generated by the new Camp Nou. And in any case, it will require an exercise in transparency in order to know the real cost of this project, which has been entrusted to the Turkish construction company Limak... not without controversy.

That feeling of uncertainty is creating worries, which is why there are already voices that ask, in a quiet voice, that the remodelling of Camp Nou be postponed until the economy and the international situation improve.

The problem is that Barça already reached an agreement with the City Council to go to Montjuïc to play there next season and the grass and stands are already being prepared. It is an issue that requires some reflection.

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