Robert Lewandowski shares his reasons for opting to move to Barça from Bayern

Robert Lewandowski shares his reasons for opting to move to Barça from Bayern

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The Pole says he is enjoying his new stage at Barça

Robert Lewandowski is enjoying every moment of his new scene as a Barça player.

He has adapted seamlessly to life in Barcelona, both on and off the pitch.

The striker has re-emphasized his sense of good feelings as a player in LaLiga, in an interview granted to the Polish magazine ''Kwartalnik Sportowy''. He went into detail about the differences he has found compared to the Bundesliga.

"In Spain, technical plays are more appreciated. In Germany, the focus is always on order, intensity and winning games. Here, every little technical trick or dribble is valued," says the Pole about his experience in Spain.

This transfer has been a "breath of fresh air that will help me not to feel tired in the coming years".

He denies, however, that he felt fatigued at Bayern: "I didn't feel that in Germany, but I felt that it could arrive in any season".

That's why he decided to accept Barça's proposal: "When I saw how determined they were to sign me, I knew that this transfer was much more realistic than any of my previous links with Madrid", a club that had contemplated singing him on several occasions, but without ever taking the definitive step.

Robert admits that "living in Spain and playing in LaLiga was always a dream, not only in sporting terms but also in personal life".

In that sense, Lewandowski also feels at ease: "It's not as bad as I expected, people respect my privacy. Of course, Barcelona is a tourist place, during the season there are many visitors, so this could change. We are an active family, we like to walk," concluded the Polish striker.

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