Robert Lewandowski is back and he has star numbers

Robert Lewandowski is back and he has star numbers

The best Robert Lewandowski is back. The Pole started the season with less fluency in his game than usual and failed to score in the first two matches. It wasn't just the lack of goals, but also the fact that he hardly had any chances. His sensations were not positive, beaten by opponents, and with little support. However, Lewandowski has soon reversed his situation and the numbers bear witness to this.

The Pole has scored in the last three league games, two goals were decisive as they gave the three points in Villarreal and Pamplona. Against Real Betis, he maintained his love affair with the goal when Christensen's vertical through ball was played through the legs of Joao Felix, throwing the entire defence off the scent.

Lewandowski finished as effectively as the home side had ever seen him do. The Pole looked more comfortable with Joao Felix and Ferran next to him as there were other references in the area and the centre-backs were not so focused on him.

Lewa' had called for the presence of natural strikers in statements at the end of August: "Sometimes I lack support and we don't play with enough attacking players". Ferran and Joao are of this profile. In any case, the wingers from now on are destined to play more centrally with the presence of Joao Cancelo and the continuity of Balde on the flanks.

Against Betis, Lewandowski was able to shoot three times and with two of them he found the net. His aim has improved. He is no longer so anxious. Another proof is that he didn't commit any fouls and didn't get a yellow card. In the previous four matchdays he was cautioned twice.

In addition to his three goals in La Liga, he has generated three goals for his teammates. Against Cadiz he assisted Ferran Torres and yesterday he was at the start of goals for Raphinha and Joao Cancelo.

In total, Lewandowski has scored 36 goals in 51 games as an Azulgrana, with an average of 0.7 goals per game. The numbers of a true predator in the penalty area.

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