Referee Negreira at centre of scandal breaks silence: "I'm doing really well"

Referee Negreira at centre of scandal breaks silence: "I'm doing really well"

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The official has hardly been seen since it broke that Barça had paid him €7m

One of the most wanted men of the moment, José María Enríquez Negreira, has appeared on the scene. The former vice-president of the Refereeing Committee (CTA) was located in Barcelona a few weeks ago and now he has been spotted again on the Levante coast, where he has spoken for the first time since the whole scandal of the 'Negreira Case' and his alleged business relationship with FC Barcelona came to light. 

Negreira was 'caught' accompanied by his wife and another person while he was on his way to the Tax Agency. His first appearance in front of the microphones was in a defiant tone. "I'm doing really well," ("Estoy de cine") he told the microphones of 'Cuatro'. 

The case will be dealt with in a special programme called 'En boca de todos' in collaboration with 'El Mundo' which will be broadcast this Wednesday on 'Cuatro' from 22:50. The special programme will offer an investigative piece with unpublished documentation on the case. 

Important figures in the case will take part, such as Javier Tebas, Luis Rubiales and Medina Cantalejo, president of the Spanish referees, as well as former referees who coincided with Negreira. All of them will try to tell the story of the man who allegedly received more than €7 million from Barça during his time at the CTA. 

The latest information that has appeared on the 'Negreira case' deals with the possible UEFA sanction against Barça, the appointment of lawyers for the case and the latest refereeing reports that have come to light. We will have to wait and see how Barça come out of all this.

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