Real Sociedad to pocket 20 percent of Atletico's Griezmann fee

If Griezmann goes for 120 million euros, they will get 24 million euros more

 El delantero francés ha sorprendido con un vídeo de despedida en el Twitter del conjunto rojiblanco | @Atleti

Antoine Griezmann signing for Barcelona will not just be good business for Atletico Madrid but also for the forward's former club Real Sociedad.

Griezmann's current release clause is 200 million euros but it will drop to 120m on July 1. It's at that point that Barça, if negotiations don't happen before, can sign the France international. 

Of thhat figure, though, 20 percent will go to La Real. The Basque club sold Griezmann to Atletico in 2014 for 30m but included a clause to allow them part of any future sale. 

In total, they stand to make around 24 million euros, taking the total fee for Griezmann in addition to the original 30m to 54m.  

Atletico, meanwhile, will pocket 96m. It's a good deal for both clubs compared to what they must have imagined in 2014 when the initial deal was done. Let's see if it ends up being a good deal for Barça on the pitch. 


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