Raphinha speaks to SPORT: Being at Barça amazes you


Raphinha speaks to SPORT: Being at Barça amazes you

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The Brazilian winger spoke to us ahead of the friendly against Juventus

Raphinha is a happy man. On the roof terrace of the Hotel Marriott in downtown Dallas, and thanks to the club's press team, the Brazilian was able to speak to SPORT about his arrival at Barcelona and the feelings he’s had wearing the shirt in his first few games... and everything that he expects to enjoy at Camp Nou this season. He’s a happy man like we said, and it shows.

How is the preseason going? You seem very integrated into the team on and off the pitch.

Yes, after a lot of time trying to make my dream come true, of coming to Barcelona, I did what I could from my side to try and adapt as quickly as I could. Although I’m still adapting to the team's style of play I always want to be ready, whether that be to train or play. My teammates are helping me to adapt, as are the technical team. Everyone is helping me so like that it’s easier.

Yes, you look comfortable. Out of curiosity, would you like to play more out wide or coming inside?

I like to play more coming inside, because then I can take advantage of my shot and I have more chance of shooting on my left foot coming from outside and than on the other side with the right foot. But I can adapt to playing on both sides.

You’ve got two goals and two assists in two games.

I’m a forward, I like to get involved in the goals, a lot, to score them and to get assists. I like to be present in each play. And to be able to have participated in these four goals in total makes me very happy indeed.

One of them was an absolute screamer against Real Madrid in your first Clasico, and what’s more, it gave you the win.

The best way to start life at Barça is to score in a Clasico and in the way that happened, even better.

Do you feel like you’re a Barça player already?

Truth is that I always wanted to come to Barça, it was a dream I had since I was a kid, because I saw my idols and big Brazilian stars playing here. Of course, there were difficulties because of the fair play issue, I knew that it might not happen, but something I always take with me wherever I am, was the idea that if there is one percent chance, you have to have 99% faith. That is what motivated me to wait and to keep fighting to get here.

Did you have a bad time while it was going on?

No, no, I didn’t have too bad of a time. I know how to deal with the pressure and I had Deco working with me who is a great person who I trust very much. When he told me there was a chance of coming here I became calm and I wasn’t worried.

Has anything surprised you?

No, I’ve always followed Barça and watched the games. I saw that the team had a lot of quality and an incredible way of playing that amazes you. My desire obviously was to participate, to be here, and to be able to help with my way of playing.

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