Ramon Planes had Pestianni almost tied up for Barca

Ramon Planes had Pestianni almost tied up for Barca

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The former Barca sporting director had his eye on the talented winger

Gianluca Prestianni has become one of the great jewels of the Argentine market at the age of 17. With an exit clause of around 10 million euros, the big names in European football are looking at the winger for his potential. 

He is a natural talent and Barça have his name in their sights as a possible future reinforcement. In fact, the Blaugrana are really well positioned in a possible bid for a player who will be able to get an Italian passport.

Prestianni could have already joined Barça. The former technical secretary of the club, Ramón Planes, had his eye on him when he had not yet made his debut in the first team of Vélez. And his determination was such that he contacted his entourage to sign him for Barça. At that time, Planes ended up leaving the club, leaving his job done, but the operation came to nothing due to the club's financial situation.

Prestianni has a clause of around 10 million euros and already plays regularly at Velez. It is likely that when he is 18 years old he will leave Argentina and that contact made back in 2021 could come in handy for Barça if they decide to sign him.

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