RAC1: Barça couldn't locate Dembele for over an hour on Thursday

The France forward missed training with a stomach bug

Dembélé sufre una gastroenteritis
Dembélé sufre una gastroenteritis | AFP

Barcelona forward Ousmane Dembele missed training on Thursday with gastroenteritis, as confirmed by the Catalan club. However, his absence was not without controversy. 


According to RAC1, Barça took an hour and a half to find Dembele before confirming that he had a big. The club tried to contact him for the 90 minutes after the players were due at the training ground without success. Eventually, they got through to him. 

When they did, he was at home, where he was holed up with gastroenteritis. According to RAC1, the club's medical team went to his house to check in on him, confirming the illness. 

It's the latest chapter of Dembele's rocky start to Barça. While he takes steps forward elsewhere, his attitude in other areas -- such as turning up late -- continues to throw up problems. 



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