PSG send a message to Barça by using Neymar in promotional campaign

Despite the Brazilian star seemingly on his way out of Paris, it hasn't stopped the club from using his image to sell their 'Air Jordan' range

There's yet another chapter to be included in the 'Neymar saga'. PSG released their promotional campaign for their new line of 'Air Jordan' yesterday and the man at the centre of that promotion is none other than Neymar.

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It's unusual timing to base a promotional campaign around a player who seemingly wants to leave the club.

Negotiations between PSG and FC Barcelona have intensified in recent weeks with both sides open to finding a positive conclusion.

The fact Neymar is part of the campaign might be due to 'Air Jordan' and Nike asking for the popular Brazilian ahead of any other PSG star. Or maybe it's a message to Barça - and Neymar - that they won't be bullied into selling him for less.

Whilst the talk about Neymar's future continues, PSG are going to use Neymar's image to their benefit.

Here is the tweet launching the latest 'Air Jordan' promotion:


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