PSG still refusing to negotiate with Barça for Neymar... for now

PSG still refusing to negotiate with Barça for Neymar... for now

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Barcelona believe the situation will change when the market eventually re-opens

The Neymar operation has started at Barcelona. The club know the player wants to come back and his determination is just as strong as it was last summer. Barça have sounded out Paris Saint-Germain again through an intermediary to learn of their intentions. 

But the first contact has been cold. PSG, for now, don't want to talk because they have a lot of problems on the table, such as up to 11 players running out of contract, the coronavirus crisis and the threats that poses to the season. They want to focus on ending the current campaign -- they have a lot of hope placed in the Champions League -- and then see. The soap opera has just started. 

Despite the fact the Covid-19 pandemic could make some deals impossible, Barça feel there's an opportunity there. Many clubs will look at exchange deals and that's a formula the Catalans will try. They know it could run on and on, too, with the possibility that FIFA end up extending the transfer window. 

In 2021, Neymar will move into the final year of his contract and he's made it clear to PSG he will not renew. The club know it's the moment to sell and rebuild their attack. 

Despite that, PSG are refusing to negotiate at the moment, although Barça feel that will change. Another thing is then reaching an agreement, especially when things complicate with the idea of including players in the deal. Last year, PSG wanted more than 200 million euros but the scenario is different 12 months on. 

Barça believe that PSG sporting director Leonardo is open to letting Neymar leave. His relationship with the player is borken and he feels it's time to create a new frontline around Kylian Mbappe. 

Neymar's return remains difficult, but it's possible. 

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