PSG open the door to selling Neymar to Barça in the summer

PSG open the door to selling Neymar to Barça in the summer

Neymar, puerta abierta / | Marta Fernández

PSG must decide whether they want to keep Neymar or Mbappe and the French striker is their priority

PSG have the money to buy everything that has a price. Two years ago they signed Neymar for €222m without a moment's hesitation and changed the 'rules' of football as we knew them. Yet that very deal is now causing major issues with the squad.


PSG have amassed a star-filled squad yet are still finding the Champions League difficult to master. That glory can't be bought with money and the key members of the team, often blamed for the failure to stamp their authority in Europe, are tired of the lack of progress. Money shortens the path to glory but it doesn't buy you happiness. Both Neymar and Mbappe are ready to abandon ship and seek their fortunes elsewhere.


PSG know they have a delicate situation to manage with their two superstars. They've unsuccessfully attempted to get both players to sign new, extended deals to remain in France. After three seasons in the capital, both know they are in a strong position when it comes to forcing a move away this summer. Neymar, in particular, has rejected any talk of signing a new contract.

It's no secret that Neymar wishes to return to the Camp Nou and Barça are open to doing a deal at the right price. It's a similar situation for Kylian Mbappe and a possible move to Real Madrid.


Ahead of the pressure and harassment from Madrid and Barcelona, PSG are left with two options: hold strong or cut their losses to stop the rot from spreading. The second option would see them allow one of their two stars to depart in the summer. PSG and Real Madrid have a good relationship but in terms of sporting ability and marketability, Mbappe's exit would be a lot more traumatic for the French champions than that of Neymar.

Despite Barça's relationship with PSG being classified under "it's complicated", there is hope that they would be open to discussing a deal for Neymar. It wouldn't be easy but there's a greater chance of it happening than there was previously. Once again, it'll come down to the efforts of three clubs: PSG, Barça and Real Madrid. As things stand, Neymar appears the most likely to leave Paris.

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