PSG head coach Tuchel is ready to play fit again Neymar this Sunday

The club don't want Neymar to take any risks whilst his future remains unknown, but the coach is ready to recall him

Tuchel asegura que no tendrá problema en contar con Neymar si finalmente se queda en el PSG | Perform

There's a problem brewing at PSG. The head coach, Thomas Tuchel, wants to include Neymar in his squad for the upcoming match against Toulouse if negotiations remain deadlocked. Tuchel is a huge fan of the Brazilian and believes he could add something extra to his team now that he's been cleared to return. Quite what Neymar feels about that possibility is unknown.

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PSG are against the idea of letting Neymar play. Firstly because it could cause bad feeling amongst the home supporters and the Brazilian. And secondly, they don't want him to pick up an injury which would force him to stay until at least January.

According to reports, Neymar doesn't want to play for the club again but is aware that a public act against PSG would complicate a move away.


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