Pressure being piled on Ansu Fati to leave Barcelona in summer window

Pressure being piled on Ansu Fati to leave Barcelona in summer window

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The forward has been told the club will facilitate an exit but he's reluctant to leave

Barcelona are working against the clock to try to close at least two important departures before June 30. The deadlines are running out and this is generating tension in the signings due to registration problems. 

There are offers for several transferable players, but the exit operation is at a standstill because they don't want to leave. One of them is Ansi Fati, who already knows firsthand that Barça will open the door for him to leave and that if he decides to continue he will play very little. The pressure is maximum.

The Blaugrana have decided to sell Ansu because they consider the market is right to make money with the academy graduate. His role in Xavi Hernandez's team has been residual and will be even more so next season. Barça believe that he is still an important asset and in another economic situation they would not consider his departure, but they feel that he must leave so that his price is not devalued further. In fact, it is the key operation to get the ball rolling in the transfer window.

Ansu, for now, is holding out. His priority is to stay, but he has all the elements against him. Even his agent, Jorge Mendes, has recommended him to leave and has put a deal on the table. Mendes has promised Barça that he will convince the player but time is running out.

Mendes' idea was to place Ansu at Wolves in exchange for Rúben Neves plus a €30 million payment from the English club. The operation in terms of profits for Barça is more than €60 million and would give them room to start making moves for next season's signings. But Ansu does not want to move from Barça to Wolves no matter how much Mendes has promised him that in one or two years he would be placed at a big Premier League club.

Ansu's refusal, for now, is firm and Mendes is not finding any offers from Champions League clubs in England on such beneficial terms for Barça. Nobody is paying €60 million or more, so the blockade is important at the moment. 

Also awaiting the resolution of this case is Rúben Neves, who already sees himself wearing the Blaugrana shirt. The Portuguese international has already said goodbye to Wolves while waiting for the final agreement, believing that there would be no turning back, but for now nothing has been signed. For Neves to arrive at Barça in exchange, Mendes has other options such as placing Abde or Dest at the English club, but his priority is to get everything done with Ansu.

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