Pique: The Super League would end up taking over domestic leagues

The Barça defender gave his opinion on the European Super League

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Barcelona defender Gerard Pique has spoken about a hypothetical European Super League in an interview on 'Universo Valdano' with Movistar+.

The possibilities of the league starting soon have reduced dramatically following the withdrawal of 10 of the 12 founding clubs, with Barça and Real Madrid the only exception.

"From a player's point of view, I would say it's not a positive decision for football in the long-term. The numbers don't fit. If you speak with specialists and experts in TV rights, they will tell you that this change is not possible because the money's not there for it on the market. In five, eight years, the Super League is going to take the space of the national leagues at weekend's. You're destroying the whole system," he said.

However, he added the current model is not right either: "It's not normal that big clubs are losing €200-300m during the pandemic and teams lower down are in profit because they're sustained by TV rights. We have to find the balance for all teams to exist without breaking everything. If you break the ecosystem, you ruin loads of jobs."

Pique also spoke about playing too many games: "We play too much ... the calendar as it is now, this competition here, this competition there, it's a Frankenstein. We have to organise and play competitions that the people know about. For example, the Nations League? People don't know what it is. They're milking the cow too much."

He finished: "I think what's happening at the moment is a reflection of society. Pure and hard capitalism. Maybe there's no perfect model, they all have their imperfections. But we have to look for the most balanced, stable model for everyone."  





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