Pique reveals what the told Messi when Leo sent the famous burofax

The Barcelona defender has touched on all sorts of issues in an interview with La Vanguardia

No podía ser otro: Messi marcó el primer gol de esta Champions de penalti | MEDIAPRO


Gerard Pique broke his silence in an interview with La Vanguardia in which, among other things, he looked back over the moment Lionel Messi tried to leave Barcelona in the summer. 

Messi sent a burofax to the club asking to leave. Pique has revealed how he dealt with that, what he told Messi at the time and given his opinion on what should have happened. 

"I didn't have much to do with Leo during that moment because it was a very personal decision," Pique explained. "I remember one message I sent: 'Leo, it's one year, then new people will come in...'

"Leo more than earned the right to make a decision and if he felt he should leave... as president I would have acted differently. A player that's given so much in 16 years, you're obliged to reach an agreement with him.

"It can't be so evident that the two parties are so distanced from each other.

"How can it be that the best player in history gets up one day and sends a burofax because he feels he's not being listened to? What's happening?

"Leo deserves the lot. The new stadium should be named after him. We have to preserve our figures, not smear them."




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