Piqué promises to create a Twitch account

Piqué promises to create a Twitch account

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The defender announced he was going to create his own account after an online conversation between Ibai Llanos and two journalists

On Thursday evening, Gerard Piqué followed the Twitch conversation between YouTuber Ibai Llanos - who was invited by Leo Messi to interview him moments after his first press conference as a PSG player - and journalists Juanma Castaño and Siro López.

Castaño tweeted "I don't understand anything", sparking a debate about the profession and the role of new, online platforms in the field of journalism.

Ibai invited them both onto his show to talk about the issue, and Barça defender Piqué also decided to get involved.

"After watching Ibai vs Juanma with Siro as referee, I've decided to open my own Twitch account. All in", he said on Twitter.

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