Piqué explains his reasons for leaving Barça & why he has no regrets

Piqué explains his reasons for leaving Barça & why he has no regrets

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The ex-defender is enjoying having time to do things a professional career denied him

Gerard Piqué has explained the reasons why he decided to retire from football in the middle of the season. The former Barcelona defender, in an interview on RAC1, also addressed the 'Negreira case', said that he still maintains contact with some of his former teammates and assured that he does not miss the dynamics of a footballer's life. 

"I retired because I had already said that when I didn't enjoy it and didn't feel important, I would quit," he said. "I didn't feel as important as I had felt throughout my career. It was a complicated last few months.

"If I felt cheated? I won't go into that because I don't think it's my place, but I think I earned the option to choose my end and it was given to me. In that sense, I'm happy. I think it was the healthiest thing for everyone, for me and for the team."

Piqué announced his retirement from the pitch on Nov. 3 2022, in the middle of the 2022/23 season.

He added: "I'm not nostalgic because you realise what you've missed before; now I have more time than before, and the truth is that I'm doing very well. I watch Barça when I can, but I don't miss it. It's a whole new life."

Gerard returned to Camp Nou for the Barça-Manchester United game "with Milan (his son), because he was very excited, and I freaked out, to be able to go with my son to the football. It's something I've missed all my life, the feeling of going with your son to football, and we had a great time."

Barça favorites

Piqué considered that Barça are in a very good position to win the league, "not conceding many goals, which is very important because to win the league you need consistency, beating the records of Depor and Atlético, I think we are the favourites and I think we will achieve it."

On whether he feels if the titles would be his, if won, as well, he said "in part, although I don't know if they would give it to me or not (the recognition of the title), but I would be happy for what it would mean for the club at a time when it is difficult to win, to win the league.

"Would I go to the celebrations? I haven't thought about it... Yes I would like to, I know everyone in the dressing room, I know them, I like them. I was invited recently to go to a dressing room dinner, but I think that would be intrusive."

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