Philippe Coutinho's house robbed while he ate with family

The Barcelona player had one of the worst days of his life on Monday

La residencia de Philippe Coutinho y a la derecha, el acceso a las obras que se llevan a cabo al lado de la misma

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20/02/2018 - Quimi

Philippe Coutinho's house robbed while he ate with family



FC Barcelona midfielder Philippe Coutinho suffered a house robbery last night. The Brazilian player, who also saw his car towed away the same day from in front of the Sagrada Familia, is having a bad time of it lately.

It’s not his week. The player’s Audi Q7 on Monday 19 was taken away and and that night, returning from a family dinner, he saw that thieves had broken into his house and robbed it.

It was around 1.30am. Coutinho is not with the Barcelona squad as he is not able to play in the Champions League so went out with family and friends instead.

After dining he returned to his house, situated in Bellamar, next to Luis Suarez’s, who helped him to find it.

After finding out about it, Coutinho phoned the police and the Mossos d’Esquadra came around to take a look. They analysed the scene to look for clues about the thieves.

It seems the thieves took advantage of the works going on to break into the house, accessing the inside and robbing it.

They might have used two ladders that were there for the works, as well as a third which they brought themselves.


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