Philippe Coutinho's enigmatic message after his curious celebration

The Brazilian posted a comment on his story which can be seen as attempt to explain himself

Coutinho celebró con furia su gol y radornó su gesto con un a tomar por culo | MEDIAPRO

Philippe Coutinho posted an enigmatic message on his official Instagram account which could be interpreted as an attempt to explain the gesture he made against Man United.

Coutinho scored a brilliant goal against the Red Devils and then put his fingers in his ears as part of his ‘celebration’.

“We should never listen to the people who can demotivate us, because their speeches only deviate us from the true focus we should have,” wrote Coutinho on his ig story.

“Never in my life (have) I disrespected anyone, inside or out of football.”

Coutinho has been criticised for his poor performances and some have also commented on his gesture after scoring.


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