Pere Pons: I thought I had fouled Barça defender Lenglet

The Girona player gave his hand to Lenglet to apologise

 Lenglet impactó con el codo en la cara de Pere Pones y se fue a la calle | LALIGA

It was the game-changing moment. It was the 36th miute of the game and Clement Lenglet and Pere Pons were competing for the ball. 

The two ended up on the floor after Lenglet had won the ball but Gil Manzano ended up consulting VAR and sending the Barcelona defender off. 

"It's the first time the victim has apologised to the aggressor," Barca coach Valverde said after the game. 

And Pons admitted as much: "Yes, I received a knock (from the elbow) but when I got up, I said sorry to Lenglet and I offered my hand becuase the foul was against us at first and I thought it was my foul. 

"No one is to blame and in the end it goes to a third party, to VAR. I didn't notice the contact with the elbow." 


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